Application Networking Services

Cisco's Application Networking Services (ANS) provides a comprehensive portfolio of application networking solutions and technologies that enable successful and secure delivery of applications in data centers to local, remote, and branch-office users. It uses  technology to accelerate, secure, and increase availability of both application traffic and computing resources. 


Unlike application delivery point products that are focused on specific IT issues or places in the network, Cisco ANS uses a broad portfolio of application networking platforms together with application fluency integrated into existing control points throughout the network, resulting in a truly end-to-end application delivery network.


Application Network Security adresses:

  • Network operations: Primary concerns are integration, deployment, and manageability.
  • IT: Primary concerns are uptime, utilization, capital expenditures (CapEx), OpEx, and TCO.
  • Applications: Primary concerns are application availability, performance, and security for strategic applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human relations, supply chain, and e-commerce.
  • Server operations: Primary concerns are server and storage availability and efficiency and TCO.
  • Security operations: Primary concerns are perimeter and application security.



At Comstor the Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solutions are deployed by a lot of customers to accelerate applications over the WAN, consolidate branch infrastructure, and empower cloud computing. As a major component of both Cisco Borderless Networks and Data Center 3.0 solutions, Cisco WAAS:

  • Helps to ensure branch and mobile user productivity by optimizing application performance
  • Reduces costs by helping to enable centralization of IT resources and minimizing bandwidth expenses
  • Increases agility with faster delivery of IT services and cloud architectures
  • Enhances data protection for regulatory compliance


Cisco WAAS is integrated with Cisco routing and security products providing flexible deployment options with the lowest total cost of ownership.



WAAS Sales Playbook

The WAAS Partner Playbook provides a framework for Cisco partners to discuss and position Cisco WAN optimization solutions for the branch office and data center with your customers. The playbook includes information to help you generate sales leads by considering your customers branch resource and consolidation needs.  Using this playbook Cisco suggests you can target the following sales objectives:

  • Generate upgrade revenue from the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) installed base.   By attaching Cisco WAAS network modules to customers’ existing “empty ISR,” or by attaching WAAS appliances if ISRs have no services slots available, partners can generate upgrade revenue from existing Cisco ISR installed accounts in a nondisruptive way.

Cisco WAAS Mobile 

Video Data Sheet

  • Increase new deal sizes through attaching Cisco WAAS. By attaching WAAS network modules or WAAS appliances to ISR 2800 and ISR 3800 deals, partners can increase typical ISR 2800 and ISR 3800 deal sizes.
  • Help your customers solve application performance issues: Many customers who have already centralized servers and storage are now witnessing application performance slowdowns in their branch offices. Customers are looking for solutions that can integrate into the environment they already have. The WAE and NME-WAE for the ISR seamlessly integrate into the existing network while delivering general and application-specific optimizations.
  • Gain customer intelligence for use in account planning activities now and in the future. Key Data Center Intelligence includes: Who is the server vendor? Are the customers deploying VMware or virtualizing their servers? Do they have server load balancers? Who is the storage vendor?


The WAAS playbook is attached below



The WAAS ROI tool is designed to assist you in illustrating financial justifications for a customer investing in Cisco WAAS Solution.  It can be presented to customer and distributed to channel partners


Click here to download the WAAS ROI tool

Click here to replay Webinar training session on ROI Tool

Click here for a C-level presentation explaining the ROI tool results


WAAS Sizing tool for Partners

Cisco is pleased to announce the release of the WAAS Sizing Automation Tool version 1.0 for partners. This tool automates the WAAS sizing process that is required to estimate WAAS product requirements for the successful deployment of a Cisco WAAS solution.

The WAAS sizing process is an important step in the deployment of the Cisco WAAS solution. An inaccurate sizing may result in inconsistent design which eventually may lead to customer issues. The WAAS sizing process involves collecting data about the customer environment and the WAN optimization requirements. The data collected include, but are not limited to, details about branch office(s), data center(s), WAN traffic characteristics and scalability requirements. The data collected is then analyzed to provide accurate WAAS product recommendations. Click here to learn more about this tool.


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