Data Center Solutions

Comstor has developed an ecosystem of qualified manufactures to deliver world-class data center solutions making it easier for you to meet your customer’s needs. Learn more about how Comstor provides data center solutions built around the Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) platform, in combination with complementary products from supporting vendors.



The deployment of a data center network architecture that allows data centers and branches as well as the server, storage and network resources they contain, to be standardized and consolidated for improved operational efficiencies, greater utilization and enhanced resilience. Cisco infrastructure consolidation solutions helps organizations simplify, standardize, and reduce server, network, and storage infrastructure providing complete decentralization, virtualization, and dynamic provisioning.

These solutions include:

  • Server Consolidation: Simplifies server connectivity, cabling, data center infrastructure, administration, and management
  • Storage Consolidation: Increases flexibility, simplify network and storage management, and ensure consistent data life cycle management 
  • Branch IT Consolidation: Reduces cost of remote IT, improve remote employee productivity, and accelerate data protection by centralizing IT resources


Over the last few years demand for processing power has surged and server/storage equipment densities have increased dramatically. It has become increasingly difficult to deliver SOA enabled applications and services. IT organizations are consolidating multiple applications onto a smaller number of more powerful servers using virtualization technology. The Cisco Unified Computing System unites network, compute, and virtualization resources into a single seamless system that provides the infrastructure needed for today’s business needs.

Cisco's virtualization strategy focuses on three main criteria:

  • Capacity
  • Business continuance
  • Business Transformation

Data Center Virtualization

Cisco Data Center 3.0 comprises a comprehensive portfolio of virtualization technologies and services that bring network, compute/storage, and virtualization platforms closer together to provide unparalleled flexibility, visibility, and policy enforcement within virtualized data centers.


Reduce TCO and increase business agility, efficiency, and resilience.

  • VN-Link technologies deliver consistent per-virtual-machine visibility and policy control for SAN, LAN, and unified fabric.
  • Virtual SAN, virtual device contents, and unified fabric help converge multiple virtual networks to simplify and reduce data center infrastructure and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Flexible networking options to support all server form factors and vendors provide a consistent set of services across the data center to reduce operational complexity.
  • Network-embedded virtualized application networking services allow consolidation of remote IT assets into virtualized data centers.

Virtualized Unified Communications

Deploying Cisco Unified Communications on the Cisco UCS allows organizations to extend the benefits of their virtualization and storage data center investments to Cisco Unified Communications. The benefits of virtualizing Cisco UC are the same as virtualizing data servers. Server consolidation provides significant cost savings across hardware, rack space, maintenance, cabling, network ports, power and cooling. But it also enables unified communications to leverage the continuity capabilities of VMware rather than requiring redundant hardware and application level failover and disaster recovery capabilities.


The Value of UC on UCS:

  • Consolidate Servers: 50-75% reduction in server count
  • Simplify Infrastructure: Unified fabric, shared SAN, and reduced cables/power/cooling/space simplifies UC and Data Center infrastructure significantly
  • Offer Business Agility: Deploy UC applications faster, use familiar/consistent management for UC servers, realize benefits from virtualization

Green DC

Virtualization can offer significant energy and cost savings, while reducing carbon footprint. Cisco’s UCS virtualization and data center solutions empower IT professionals to reduce server sprawl and vastly improve the utilization of energy resources. Comstor help its resellers deploy more efficient data center infrastructure effectively providing green rewards for their customers.


The Green Premium:

  • Reduces infrastructure complexity and sprawl
  • Can reduce the need to build a new facility or reduce the overall power requirements
  • Provides more compute & storage capabilities for less power consumption
  • Lowers operational costs by aligning power consumption with workload requirements

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI solutions have one thing in common: all applications and data now reside on servers in the data center. The Cisco Unified Computing System is designed to meet the unique requirements of VDI deployments by increase VDI adoption without the expensive WAN bandwidth upgrades thus providing industry leading virtualization performance and improving business agility by automating just-in-time provisioning.

The Cisco Unified Computing System is well-suited to meet VDI deployments, thanks to the following innovations:

  • Simplified desktop management/service profiles
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improved data security and compliance
  • Extended desktop hardware lifecycles
  • Extended business continuity and disaster recovery to enterprise desktops Unified, centralized management

Security & Compliance

Cisco Data Center Security solutions enable organizations to provide security and compliance when deploying virtualized data center infrastructures. Comstor provides industry leading multi-tiered security solutions that enable resellers to rapidly deploy data center solutions and cloud computing without compromising  the ability to provide compliance, identify and respond to evolving threats, protect critical assets, and enforce business policies.

These solutions include:

  • Security solutions that include physical security, cybersecurity, compliance, intrusion detection and prevention, data center security, and security management
  • VMware security appliances
  • Security for the cloud & SaaS delivered security solutions

Physical Security

Enterprise data centers contain assets, applications, and data that are often the target of attacks, data center and availability and protecting the IT infrastructure is the foundation of a compliance based security infrastructure. Cisco physical security solutions provide broad network-centric capabilities in video surveillance for real-time monitoring, IP cameras, and electronic access control to provide security for the data center. This includes data center facilities, computer systems, the actual data, storage media, etc. Cisco Physical Security solutions provide cost savings by integrating the physical security into the network and centralizing the security operations.

Unified Computing System (UCS) with Microsoft

The Microsoft® and Cisco alliance extends the value of the Unified Computing System by fully integrating the operating system, application and management stacks which are tuned for virtualization. With Windows Server®, System Center and Hyper-V™ providing foundational system elements, SQL Server® provides the data platform for mission-critical applications. This provides an optimized environment for data-driven, business transactions.

Cisco’s Unified Computing System on the Microsoft platform features integrated Microsoft® System Center tools to help streamline and centralize management for physical and virtual environments, including deployment, network optimization, and application services.

Windows Server®, Microsoft Hyper-V™, and Microsoft® System Center provide the foundation layer for Cisco’s Unified Computing System, Microsoft® SQL Server® provides the data platform and Microsoft Exchange 2010.


VMware and Cisco UCS Data Center Solutions

VMware and Cisco Unified Computing System delivers a solution that helps customers accelerate data center transformation. Extending virtualization across computing, network, and storage layers enables a comprehensive data center transformation that further improves efficiencies.

Cisco and VMware are combining their best-of-breed solutions to create an industry leading platform for virtualizing data centers:

  • Designed as a radically simplified, stateless system, the Cisco Unified Computing System provides increased business agility, greater return on investment, and lower total cost of ownership.
  • VMware vSphere is the industry's most robust and powerful virtualization platform to build and deploy a virtualized data center infrastructure, increase control through service-level automation and pool resources to meet today’s business requirements. VMware vSphere dramatically reduces capital and operating costs and maximizes IT efficiency while providing agility through automation and the freedom to choose applications, OS and hardware.

A unified virtualized architecture lets organizations effectively run everything from mission-critical applications to enterprise-wide virtual desktops.



Comstor Technology Partner Ecosystem Products & Solutions

To help resellers address data center transformation, Comstor is combining Cisco UCS with some of the most innovative, respected and visionary companies in the world. Our program is designed to highlight vendors who share our vision to provide compelling solutions for the data center.


Comstor has an entire ecosystem of partners that provide value added software and hardware solutions that effectively address cross-functional challenges in the data center market.  It allows reseller’s to provide complete solutions that enhance business agility, operational efficiency, improved performance, consolidation and risk mitigation to support their customer’s business growth plans.


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