Cisco has developed the following comprehensive solutions to address the needs of your Healthcare customers.

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Cisco Context-Aware Healthcare Solutions
Cisco TelePresence
Cisco Nurse Connect
Cisco Context-Aware Healthcare Solutions

Market Solution: Asset Tracking

Healthcare organizations need to improve asset utilization, optimize complex workflow processes, and ensure patient safety. Healthcare organizations are deploying location services to address the following clinical requirements:

Quickly locate equipment scheduled for maintenance.
Automatically relay status information from Wi-Fi tags attached to medical equipment.
Prevent loss or misplacement of valuable mobile assets.
Integrate asset management and context-based information into the workflow.
Increase utilization of diagnostic and test equipment.
Quickly locate equipment or patients throughout a clinical encounter

The Cisco Location-Aware Healthcare Solution
The Cisco Location-Aware Healthcare solution enables hospitals to improve clinical processes with real-time resource location information. It also enables access to environmental information (for example, temperature or humidity) to provide an optimal patient experience. The solution enables both real-time tracking of assets as they move throughout the campus and event-driven tracking as they exit and enter areas.
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Cisco TelePresence

Market Solution: Telemedicine

Cisco TelePresence offers an intimate, person-to-person communication experience unbounded by distance or physical location. For healthcare professionals, TelePresence makes it easier and more convenient for clinicians to collaborate, regardless of location, thereby improving both the timeliness and quality of care delivered. For patients, TelePresence facilitates access to physicians and specialists from remote locations.

Cisco TelePresence is ideal for applications of telemedicine such as specialist or radiologist consults. It can transform the healthcare industry by:
Providing a new access model for healthcare
Adding new revenue for healthcare providers
Increasing physician efficiency
Reducing cost of care.

Cisco TelePresence for Healthcare: Improving the Quality and Speed of Care
Organizations dedicated to improving healthcare rely on collaboration and innovation to help them meet productivity and economic challenges. Whether it is a pharmaceutical company seeking to accelerate drug discovery or a hospital needing to maximize the productivity of its specialists, the ability to bring people together with each other – and with information – is integral to achieving their goals.
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Cisco Nurse Connect

Market Solution: Nurse Mobility

The Cisco Nurse Connect solution improves the communication of alarm and event notifications in hospitals. It provides an interface between nurse call systems and receiving end points such as desktop and mobile phones and pagers. With the Cisco Nurse Connect solution, caregivers, and patients can easily reach each other from wherever they are.

The Nurse Connect solution provides:
Faster response times
More time for staff to spend on primary functions
Reduction in overhead paging for a quieter, less-disruptive environment
Rapid assembly of specialty teams
Features that allow a nurse to speak to the patient to better understand his or her needs before going to the patient room or to the nursing station
On-the-spot reassignment of service requests for more appropriate use of caregiver resources

Cisco Nurse Connect Solution
The Cisco Nurse Connect solution facilitates collaboration among mobile caregivers, enabling them to reach each other and to be reached over multiple types of devices, wherever they have a wireless signal. This provides more efficient patient care from almost any location. The integrated Cisco Nurse Connect voice and data solution delivers nurse call alerts to Cisco wireless phones and other end points.
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