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Citizen Experience
Teleworker Solutions
Citizen Experience

Market Solution: Citizen Support and Interaction

In turbulent economic times governments must establish foundations for the creation of jobs as well as continue to serve their constituents. How do your government customers create communities for sustainable jobs and ensure better experience for citizens and employees with tight budgets?

Invest and Shape Sustainable Economies
Leverage the network as a strategic asset for energy efficiency, sustainable government and job creation.
Optimize to Better Serve
Promote improved performance by doing more with less through consolidation, energy efficiency and cross-agency collaboration.
Unlock Workforce Potential
Improve workforce participation by increasing the speed and quality of decision making, regardless of time or location.
Empower Citizens
Improve citizen interaction and community participation via service centric experiences.
Integrate Safety & Security
Improve Quality of Life for Citizens and Businesses, instilling confidence in customers’ economy and community.

Inspiring New Connections: Connected Government
Cisco's solutions for a connected government provide the foundation to engage citizens, promote prosperity, ensure public safety, and attract a new generation of government employees.
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Teleworker Solutions

Market Solution: Remote Workers

Cisco Teleworkers solutions improve workforce productivity, business resiliency, and work schedule flexibility while reducing travel costs and carbon emissions. The solution is appropriate for government employees who need consistent access to content at home or at work, as well as full-time telecommuters who require the same wireless connectivity as at the government site. Voice costs are reduced since users can use Wi-Fi instead of cellular coverage for voice calls. The OfficeExtend solution provides benefits across three distinct organizational groups:
For end users It improves work-life balance by providing the ability to work at home or on the road; it also improves collaboration capabilities when users are working from a remote location.
For IT groups By using the same management, operations, and infrastructure as the corporate WLAN, the OfficeExtend solution simplifies the process of extending real-time, high-performance network services to remote locations.
For businesses and organizations The solution improves the productivity of the workforce while saving costs associated with energy, facilities, and real estate.

Cisco OfficeExtend
The Cisco Virtual Office offers a comprehensive teleworker solution that supports both wired and wireless access to network resources using an Integrated Services Router and a VPN. This solution overview focuses on the Cisco OfficeExtend Solution which is a component of the Cisco Virtual Office. Cisco OfficeExtend is a wireless solution that extends the corporate network to teleworkers, full and part time home office workers and mobile contractors using a wireless access point and controller.
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