Cisco Integrated Service Routers Generation 2

Cisco Integrated Service Routers Generation 2

Now you can transform your branch office experience with the new Cisco® Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2) Family, Cisco’s latest addition to the successful integrated services router portfolio. The Cisco ISR G2s are part of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture that enables business innovation and growth across all remote sites.

Designed to offer you a great service on a single platform, the new Cisco ISR G2 routers give businesses much more power to deliver a great customer experience, deploy services "on demand" as business needs dictate—while reducing overall operating costs.

The ISR G2 addresses critical branch challenges like the first generation; it also introduces revolutionary ways to make the remote office more productive, more collaborative and more operationally efficiency. 

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Cisco ISR G2 Positioning


The Cisco ISR G2 provides a highly secure and reliable platform for scalable multi-service integration at enterprise and commercial branch offices of all sizes and small-to-medium businesses. Service delivery on a single platform and now delivers up to 5x of better performance.





Why Upgrade Your Existing Access Router to a Cisco ISR G2 Router? 

The Cisco ISR G2 portfolio builds upon the market success of the first generation of integrated services routers with new enhancements that deliver greater value to your business with new enhancements for service virtualization, video-ready capabilities and deployment. These new innovations deliver:

 • Video-Ready Branch for a superior experience with new services that transform the branch office workspace:


  • Media engines enable business-grade video applications based on high density video-ready DSPs that deliver the Medianet high definition experience
  • Bandwidth-optimized and scalable video services include media-rich video conferencing, video surveillance, video streaming and digital signage
  • High-performance (up to 5x), nonstop branch office experience to meet your future WAN and services requirements
  • TelePresence to midsize branch offices with T1/E1 links

 • Service Virtualization to deliver high impact Business Innovation that achieves unparalleled service


  • Cloud extensibility and services virtualization for mission-critical application survivability to remote sites
  • Broadest services offering to all branch sites, including security, unified communications, WAN optimization, application integration as well as customizable virtual services
  • Provides a revolutionary “on-demand” services delivery model enabled by the innovative Services Ready Engine (SRE)

 • Deliver Operational Excellence to provide the lowest TCO with scalability, operational flexibility, and simplicity based on best-in-class service integration, innovative pay-as-you-grow model, and optimized energy efficiency:


  • Superior business flexibility for on-demand service delivery with minimal truck rolls
  • Increased branch office uptime with enhanced availability features
  • Greater energy efficiency with slot-based controls to decrease costs and support sustainability
  • Simplified deployment with a single Cisco IOS® Software image
  • Investment protection with support for the majority of the prior generation of ISR interfaces


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