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Cisco has a deep understanding of the importance of your network and its role in your organization's success. Cisco switches are industry leaders in architectural scalability, operational manageability, and comprehensive resilience, and Cisco offers all types of switches for networks and applications of all sizes.


Target Markets
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Cisco Switching Products
Cisco delivers a comprehensive portfolio of switching solutions for Borderless Networks, data centers, and smaller businesses. These solutions are optimized for a wide range of industries, including service providers, financial services, and the public sector.


SFS Solutions for Blade Switches


Connected Grid Switches





Industrial Ethernet Switches


InfiniBand Switches


LAN Network Management






LAN Switches - Core


Service Provider Switches - Aggregation



Service Provider Switches - Ethernet Access



WAN Switches

  • Provides  scalable, intelligent LAN switching for campus, branch and data center networks of all sizes more network switch capacity to support bandwidth-hungry applications 
  • Delivers converged services support including IP telephony, voice over WLANs, and video services 
  • Provides high availability and uninterrupted access to information assets enterprise wide 
  • Provides greater protection against internal and external security threats 
  • Allows IT administrators seek to reduce cost and complexity of network switches
  • Ensures the availability of bandwidth-intensive applications 
  • Enables greater simplicity in terms of automating time-consuming IT tasks 
  • Provides new functionality to allow people to get the most value from their applications
Target Markets
  • Integrated Security: Cisco's Switching strategy includes multiple types of protection and dramatically improves the ability of networks to identify, prevent, and adapt to security threats to ensure information privacy, protect against threats, and control access to corporate resources.
  • IP Communications: Cisco's switches tight integration into the infrastructure means that each new application video, Web, or telephony is just another media type rather than an entirely different communications system. The applications themselves can intelligently communicate with the infrastructure to meet the constantly changing needs of the system.
  • Financial: Cisco offers a comprehensive switching product portfolio that integrates intelligence into a company's network. The result? Financial institutions can work proactively, realize agility and productivity gains, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction. Enables financial services organizations to become more customer-focused, increase profitability, enhance agility, reduce total ownership costs, and address new business challenges.
  • Data Center: Cisco data center switching solutions can help transform IT infrastructure from a siloed cost center into a dynamic business enabler that addresses your toughest challenges. Cisco switches lower costs by consolidating and virtualizing servers, storage, branch office infrastructure, and physical facilities, improves responsiveness by provisioning applications and infrastructure from shared pools of computing, storage, and network resources , optimizes asset utilization by provisioning only the amount of virtualized resources required for the job, and improve resilience with built-in high availability, security, and business continuance capabilities
  • Enterprise: Ensures high availability of business-critical data and applications with redundant and secure infrastructure design. Enables rapid and effortless deployment of advanced services such as IP telephony and mobility while reducing deployment times for future services rollout with a proven, stable network.
  • SMB: Delivers best-in-class switching that is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses with up to 250 employees while offering non-blocking, wire-speed performance and provides a secure network foundation optimized for data, wireless, and IP Communications
Questions to Ask
  1. Are you looking for a complete line of switching products that can apply and scale security or multicast services consistently across the network, provide quality of service (QoS), 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to support new applications and devices?
  2. Are you looking for a switching solution that recognizes many types of applications and understands the importance of securing and prioritizing applications running on the network to provide the best user experience?
  3. Do you want to deploy LAN switch solutions that provide redundant hardware, non-stop forwarding and stateful switch over (NSF/SSO) technology, in-service software upgrades (ISSU) and software modularity?
  4. Do you have a need for high security LAN switches that include Network Admission Control; Man-in-the-Middle attack mitigation; and integrated security service modules that provide virtual private networks, firewalls, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, and many more security services?
  5. Do you want a switching solution that allows IT to remotely configure and monitor network devices from a central location, automate responses via embedded event management and use real-time diagnostic management tools to troubleshoot and apply changes?



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