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With products and solutions from Cisco and a comprehensive range of pre and post sales services, such as network analysis, preparation for on-site installation and WAN testing, Comstor is able to support you in developing any sized network infrastructure project. Deliver comprehensive Cisco-centric network infrastructure solutions to build solid network backbones including routers, switches, cables, power, network management and more.


Market Overview:
The enterprise networking category has matured and has become an established and robust market. As wired and wireless networks have become the foundation for communication across all verticals and for organizations of all sizes, the focus has shifted from simple functionality to optimizing employee productivity both on premise and in the field. Even in this challenging economy, the need for performance has led to increasing demand for high speed communications technologies and networking equipment.

According to Infonetics Research:
Annual shipments of 10 Gigabit (10Gbps) and 40 Gigabit (40Gbps) optical carrier and Ethernet ports on enterprise and service provider networking equipment jumped 86% in 2008 to $10.8 billion worldwide in 2008.
The worldwide service provider router and switch market grew 15% in 2008 to $12.8 billion.
The worldwide wireless LAN equipment market, including access points, mesh network nodes, WLAN switches and controllers, and WiFi phones grew to $2.4 billion in 2008.
A reseller looking to support their customers as the drive to high speed performance continues must become well-acquainted with the solutions that are being deployed today – and the opportunities on the horizon.

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