Cisco has developed the following comprehensive solutions to address the needs of your Education customers.

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Cisco Self Defending Network
Cisco Physical Security Solutions
Cisco Self Defending Network

Market Solution: Education Security Solutions

The comprehensive, converged Cisco safety and security solution for schools uses your customer’s IP network as the platform for solutions that help them meet your safety and security needs in the 21st century mobile school environment. This solution set provides networked services to support a comprehensive security infrastructure for your customers.

This includes:
Identity Management o Network Admission Control
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Cisco Security Agent
Email and Web Security

Cisco Safety and Security Solutions for Schools
As your customers move toward becoming a 21st century learning environment, a top priority is the safety and security of students, staff, and faculty, no matter where they are on campus. And, in the 21st century, school safety also relies on safeguarding critical information, assets, and systems. Safe campuses have a sense of comfort and are more conducive to preparing children for the demands of a competitive, global workforce.
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Cisco Physical Security Solutions

Market Solution: Physical Security

True safety and security in an educational environment is more than just a camera on a building. It is about securing your customer’s networks, preventing disasters, responding to threats, and communicating across channels, sectors, and boundaries. And it's about planning and collaborating. Network security and physical security are converging. Your customers must take the following steps to ensure they are secure:
Adopt early warning tools and continuity and situation response plans.
Safeguard employees, citizens, property, and assets.
Provide instant notification of security breaches and threats.
Determine the scope of the incident and next actions.
Coordinate real-time communication.

Cisco Safety Solutions for Higher Education
Cisco Safety Solutions for Higher Education make it easy for colleges and universities to use the power of their IP network to enhance campus safety. This unique solution set provides networked services across your campus to support your safety plans as outlined by your campus and community police.
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