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Energy and Utilities

Cisco has developed the following comprehensive solutions to address the needs of your Energy and Utility customers.

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Network-Centric Video Surveillance Products
Cisco Security for the Smart Grid
Network-Centric Video Surveillance Products

Market Solution: Security information and event management (SIEM)

Cisco Video Surveillance Manager offers a solution for multiple-site and remote-site network-centric video surveillance. It provides excellent scalability, reliability, and bandwidth management.
Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server
Media Server is a highly scalable and reliable video management platform that manages, replicates, distributes, and archives video streams.
Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager
This Web-based user interface authenticates and manages access to video feeds. It is a centralized administration tool for the management of Media Server hosts, Virtual Matrix hosts, cameras, encoders, and viewers.
Cisco Video Surveillance Media Virtual Matrix
Virtual Matrix monitors video feeds in command center and other 24-hour monitoring environments. It allows operators to control the video being displayed on multiple local and remote digital monitors.

Cisco Physical Security Solution Overview
Cisco physical security solutions provide broad network-centric capabilities in video surveillance, IP cameras, electronic access control, and groundbreaking technology that converges voice, data, and physical security in one modular appliance. Cisco's connected physical security solution enables customers to use the IP network as an open platform to build more collaborative and integrated physical security systems while preserving their existing investments in analog-based technology.
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Cisco Security for the Smart Grid

Market Solution: Network Infrastructure Protection

The modernization of the energy infrastructure highlights the need for information and physical security. The unfortunate reality is that because of the critical nature of the technology and the services that it provides, the grid becomes a prime target for acts of terrorism and cyber attacks. An effective security strategy for smart grids needs to be end-to-end. This means that security capabilities need to be layered such that defense mechanisms have multiple points to detect and mitigate breaches. These capabilities also need to be integral to all segments of the grid infrastructure and address the full set of logical functional requirements, including:
Physical security
Identity and access control policies
Hardened network devices and systems
Threat defense
Data protection for transmission and storage
Real-time monitoring, management, and correlation

White Paper: Security for the Smart Grid
Most of the nation’s electricity system was built when primary energy was relatively inexpensive. Grid reliability was mainly assured by having excess capacity in the system, with unidirectional electricity flow to consumers from centrally dispatched, coal-fired power plants. Investments in the electric system were made to meet increasing demand—not to change fundamentally the way the system works. Although innovation and technology have dramatically transformed other industrial sectors, the electric system, for the most part, has continued to operate the same way for decades.
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