Cisco SMARTnet

Comstor’s SMARTnet Business Process for Cisco Partners

How to Leverage Comstor Resources to Grow Cisco SMARTnet Sales

Cisco SMARTnet Service for Rapid Problem Resolution

Cisco SMARTnet Service is an award-winning technical support service that offers your customers direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources. SMARTnet delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help maximize operational efficiency.

Cisco SMARTnet provides the following:

Around-the-clock, global access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
Access to the extensive knowledgebase and tools
Next-business-day advance hardware replacement (premium options available for business-critical devices, such as 2-hour replacement and onsite parts replacement and installation)
Ongoing operating system software updates and upgrades
Cisco OS software support to extend the life of Cisco devices with improved security, increased performance, bandwidth management, new protocol support, and greater interoperability
Proactive diagnostics and real-time alerts on select devices with Smart Call Home

Westcon Resources that will help you grow your Cisco SMARTnet sales:

Reseller Staff Augmentation
Highly experienced SMARTnet specialists are ready to deliver expert assistance on every aspect of the Cisco Service offer and expand the internal capabilities of the reseller’s resources.

Rapid and Accurate Quote Production
The Comstor team routinely exceeds reseller expectations for quote production on SMARTnet projects of all varieties. Whether the project is a new service attachment, a renewal of an existing contract, or a complex project that consolidates and combines multiple contract elements, Comstor applies a high-touch, personalized approach to produce unequalled service levels and reseller satisfaction.

Superior IT and Automated Resources
The Comstor Service Annuity Manager is our state-of-the art SMARTnet quoting and Renewal Management tool that enables our resellers to fully capitalize on this critical annuity based business.

The tool allows complete views into the scope of our partners SMARTnet renewal business and their product purchases that remain uncovered by maintenance.

These components are tightly integrated with an ultra-user friendly quote creation application to quickly produce the associated quotes for these SMARTnet opportunities.

As those opportunities are pursued and captured, our partners also realize the full benefits of rebates through the Cisco Brand Resale (CBR) and Pay-for-Performance (P4P) programs.

Comprehensive Individual and Group Training
Comstor offers valuable pre-scheduled and on-demand SMARTnet training sessions that address the breadth of challenges our resellers encounter when they are launching or growing their Cisco Services practice.

Opportunity Finder Sales Program
Enabling our partners to execute on a reliable and manageable sales process is a priority for the Comstor SMARTnet team. The Comstor team offers business development programs that integrate techniques that are proven to produce incremental SMARTnet and Cisco product sales both for our partners’ end-customers and targeted prospects. Comstor guides our partners on how to extract a comprehensive view of their prospects’ Cisco network environments and produces analysis on the SMARTnet and product sales opportunities that exist in those environments.

Advanced Escalation Capabilities
The Comstor SMARTnet team maintains superior relationships and channels of communication with the Cisco organization to facilitate prompt processing and resolution on even the most complex SMARTnet projects.

How do our Partners Engage and Access the Comstor SMARTnet Resources?

Account Management

Comstor assigns a dedicated Account Manger to each of our valued partners. That primary point of contact functions as a facilitator for the full scope of our partners’ SMARTnet requirements and is supported by a dedicated team of SMARTnet specialists that perform the high-level tasks across the scope of Cisco service offers.

SMARTnet Team Email Access
Access for our partners to the Comstor SMARTnet specialists is enabled through a dutifully monitored email alias – Requests for quotes and issue resolution receive rapid attention and consistent updates on project status are provided for all issues that require extended processing.

Assigned SMARTnet Specialists for Select Partners
Upon review and approval by Comstor Service and Sales Management, Comstor’s select partners may be granted direct access to a SMARTnet Specialist when exceptional business conditions exist.

Scope of Comstor SMARTnet Quoting and Ordering Capabilities
The Comstor SMARTnet is fluent in the quoting and ordering of all classes of SMARTnet projects including:
New Service Attachments
Service Renewals
Contract Consolidation & Co-Termination
Non-incumbent Renewals
Education Projects
International Projects

Comstor’s Internal Responsibilities for the SMARTnet Workflow

Account Management/Sales

The Comstor Sales teams are the primary resource for SMARTnet opportunities related to new service attachments and routine contract renewal projects. They are supported by the Comstor SMARTnet team in a supplementary capacity and as a resource for continual training on new Cisco Service programs.

Comstor Service Sales Team for SMARTnet

This highly specialized team performs all of the SMARTnet activities that fall outside of the most routine reseller requirements including the complex SMARTnet renewal processes that require adjustments of product coverage, contract durations, service levels, co-termination, and contract consolidation. Additionally, this team coordinates all communications with Cisco when escalation and contract issue resolution is indicated.

Cisco Service Team/DRM

Exceptional SMARTnet processing challenges are escalated to the Cisco DRM team for review and resolution. When the requirement to access the DRM team is indicated, the Comstor sales team and Comstor partner are alerted to any expected delays in resolution. The Comstor SMARTnet team maintains highly interactive relationship with the DRM team and enjoys a priority status with that team.

How do you engage and access Comstor SMARTnet Resources?

You can contact you account manager directly at 1-800-Comstor or the SMARTnet Team at


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