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Financial Services

Cisco has developed the following comprehensive solutions to address the needs of your Finance customers.

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Cisco Telepresence
Cisco Unified Communications Solutions
Cisco TelePresence

Market Solution: Video Conferencing

Cisco TelePresence creates a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network that empowers your customers to collaborate like never before. Cisco TelePresence helps people meet, share content, create high-quality video recordings and events, consult with experts and deliver powerful personalized services, all using the power of the network for an immersive in-person experience.

With Cisco TelePresence:
Scheduling is easy-no IT support required
Launching a meeting is as simple as making a phone call
People appear lifelike and life-size
In-room controls are intuitive
Collaboration applications are plug and play
Participants can meet in many rooms at once-up to 48 locations in one meeting
Users can meet, record high-quality video, or participate in impactful special events
Users can easily bring in collaboration applications like WebEx
Existing SD or HD videoconferencing systems can be easily integrated.

Expanding Your Reach with Cisco TelePresence
With the innovative Cisco TelePresence technology, Cisco has developed a better way for users to connect with customers, partners, and suppliers. The application integrates advanced audio, ultra-high-definition video, and interactive collaboration tools with the underlying network as the platform to deliver an immersive remote meeting experience. Through this powerful combination of technology and design, local and remote participants feel as if they are in the same room. The immersive experience enables organizations to effectively bring talents and information together from around the globe and elevate creativity and collaboration to a new level.
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Cisco Unified Communications Solutions

Market Solution: Enhanced Real Time Interaction

Unified Communications solutions from Cisco combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified system that provides powerful new ways to:
Collaborate across any workspace
Create secure unified communications systems that help co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers collaborate more effectively.
Accelerate decision making
Your financial services customer’s can use unified communications, including presence, instant messaging, and rich media services, to improve productivity and ensure that information reaches the correct person right away.
Innovate across the value chain
Embed unified communications capabilities into business applications to transform business processes and increase customer satisfaction.
Integrate applications
Integrate Cisco Unified Communications with other applications so workers can collaborate in real time using their favorite tools and software.

Unified Communications: Uses and Benefits
Cisco Unified Communications solutions help companies manage growing communication complexity and an increasing number of mobile workers who work everywhere. Employees, business partners, and customers can collaborate with a combination of voice, video, data, and mobility applications. They can also conduct business across multiple workspaces.
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