Cisco has developed the following comprehensive solutions to address the needs of your Government customers.

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Cisco Connected Government
Cisco Unified Communications
Cisco Connected Government

Market Solution: Citizen Experience

In turbulent economic times governments must establish a foundation for the creation of jobs as well as continue to serve their constituents. How do your government customers create communities for sustainable jobs and ensure better experiences for citizens and employees given tight budgets?

Invest and Shape Sustainable Economies
Leverage the network as a strategic asset for energy efficiency, sustainable government and job creation.
Optimize to Better Serve
Promote improved performance by doing more with less through consolidation, energy efficiency and cross-agency collaboration.
Unlock Workforce Potential
Improve workforce participation by increasing the speed and quality of decision making, regardless of time or location.
Empower Citizens
Improve citizen interaction and community participation via service centric experiences.
Integrate Safety & Security
Improve Quality of life for citizens and businesses, instilling confidence in the economy and community.

Connected Government: Follow Five Imperatives to Thrive in Challenging Economic Times
Governments are being squeezed from two directions: revenue shortfalls on one side and escalating demands for critical government services on the other. This white paper, intended for local and national governments worldwide, discusses how governments can thrive in challenging economic times by investing in 21st century network infrastructure to create jobs, save money, and improve quality of life.
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Cisco Unified Communications

Market Solution: Enhanced Information Sharing

With its vast array of capabilities, Cisco Unified Communications helps your customers achieve current objectives. But it also provides them with a flexible, collaborative, and secure foundation that will help them prepare for tomorrow’s needs as well. By implementing Cisco Unified Communications, your government customers can:
Better engage all constituents
Create a citizen interaction network incorporating contact centers, interactive voice response, self-service portals, Web collaboration, and more
Achieve mandates without growing the size of your workforce
Improve employee satisfaction (and recruiting potential) by increasing workspace flexibility, direct leadership communication, cross-organizational exposure, and cross-domains skills
Establish networking and security best practices tailored to their unique agency needs

Improve Government Services by Increasing Flexibility, Collaboration, and Productivity
Committed to providing evermore relevant and responsive services, governments are exploring ways to transcend limitations. Strained budgets, antiquated communications systems, and a retiring workforce threaten to undermine the quality of services your customers seek to deliver. As your constituents become increasingly reliant on the ready, online conveniences offered by the private sector, what can you do to keep pace?
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