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Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Business Edition is suitable for medium-sized companies with up to 500 employees and 20 remote sites. This solution integrates voice,video, mobility and messaging services through a single platform. Until recently a separate server was required for each application. Business Edition brings all these applications together on a single server. This provides significant cost savings for installation, support and maintenance of the system, thus substantially reducing the total cost of ownership. With the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition medium-sized companies can now easily and cost-effectively implement Enterprise phone communication systems and applications at headquarters and branches.

The basic system consists of the following components:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Mobility Manager
  • Cisco MCS Media Convergence Server 7828

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager increases the communication capabilities of packed oriented devices like IP phones, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways and, interactive multimedia applications. Business Edition improves the productivity and mobility of employees through, “single number reach“ and a voice mail box, which filters and transmits messages intelligently to mobile employees through IP or mobile phones. Additionally Business Edition offers applications such as, a the Bulk Administration Tool, CDR Analysis (call data registration) and Reporting Tool, Real-Time Monitoring Tool and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Assistant.

Cisco Unity Connection incorporates integrated messaging, voice recognition and automated call-routing into a single system. Messaging and voice components are linked to the data network in a transparent way, enabling any time any place access to calls and messages.


These advanced communication services make use of the converged network. Voice mail messages can be viewed and heard from the E-mail inbox or through a proprietary Web browser. Advanced Automated Attendant functionalities make use of intelligent routing, allowing call screening by enabling messages to be heard as they are recorded.

Cisco Unity Connection Release 2.0 is the voicemail software that is part of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager software.


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