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With Cisco UCL,channel partners like you no longer need to quote server software, device license units (DLUs), ports, options, and more. This process has been greatly simplified, as now, it will moved to a user-based pricing model where only the number of users and public space devices need to be counted and licensed.


Cisco UCL is available only to certain Cisco Unified Communications products featured below, including IP telephony, mobility, conferencing, presence, clients, and messaging.

Cisco UCL will not be available for the following products:

  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
  • Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal
  • Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Cisco Unified Videoconferencing
  • Cisco Unity Express, Unified Communications Manager Express, etc.

For greater flexibility, Cisco UCL can be mixed within the same cluster with Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (UWL), and customers no longer need a separate cluster. These changes apply only to Cisco Unified Communications System Release 8.0 products and future releases. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1.5. and subsequent versions will offer Cisco UCL.


What’s In It For Partners?

  • Improves ease of doing business with Cisco: Easier to order the customer solution & no need to quote server software, DLUs, ports, options.
  • Reduces operational costs: Easier implementation, management and configuration of licenses.
  • Increases opportunities: Easier to reach and talk with application decision makers.


User Connect Licensing Migration Options?

  • Customers have the option to cost-effectively migrate: from DLU to UCL + CUWL & from multiple CUWL + DLU clusters to a single CUWL + UCL cluster
  • There are also cost-effective and simple UCL migration options for customers with or without existing Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS)


Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Video Data Sheet


User Connect Licensing and Fulfillment

  • UCL is JUST a version release product-level part number change; not a new bundle like Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (CUWL)
  • Major ordering changes for: Cisco Unified Communications Manager &Cisco Unified MeetingPlace
  • Ordering for other products very similar to what you do today
  • Cisco Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS) and Cisco Unified Communications Essential Operate Service  (ESW) ordered exactly the same as today. Exception: Partners that are using the new Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) order UCSS & ESW differently
  • No changes to adding more users/features for earlier versions of any product


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