Cisco Show & Share



Simplify Webcasting and Video Sharing

Experience how easy it is to create and share video, streamline communications, and reduce travel costs.

Cisco Show and Share is a network-based application ideal for private and highly secure video sharing within an organization. Efficient and effective for large-scale deployments, Show and Share provides:

  • Flexible authoring, publishing, and review workflows
  • Support for uploading a wide variety of file types and recording from USB cameras
  • Collaboration tools such as commenting, rating, and word tagging
  • Advanced user and group management and viewing rights
  • Advanced content storage, archiving, and distribution management

The application supports both managed and unmanaged live webcasting with additional options, including slide synchronization, viewer Q&A, and polling. 


Create and Consume Video Everywhere

Now you can create, view, and share video anywhere, anytime, with the Cisco Show and Share mobile client for Apple iOS devices. Here´s how:

  • Login to a Cisco Show and Share system.
  • Browse and search both private and public on-demand videos.
  • View, rate, share, and provide comments for on-demand videos.
  • Record, upload, and publish on-demand videos from the Apple iOS devices to a Cisco Show and Share system.

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