Cisco Telepresence SMB Partner Program

Cisco SMB Telepresence Program

Cisco has introduced the new Telepresence SMB Partner Program.  Now Cisco Select Certified partners (Small Business Specialisation) and above can acquire selected Cisco Telepresence endpoints.

Will be an entry level program that'll let you get started in one of the fastest-growing segments in the market.

Now you can benefit from this business opportunity and your customers can use the power of Cisco TelePresence and in-person collaboration to transform business processes, internally and with partners, suppliers and customers.

Strategic companies of all sizes are using TelePresence to:
● Make business-critical decisions faster
● Gather experts on the fly for impromptu innovation
● Increase productivity with more collaboration and less travel
● Reinvent customer service models and accelerate sales cycles
● Unify supply chains and reduce time-to-market
● Train remote teams

How the program works:

Cisco Telepresence SMB Program

Total Investment (Training & Demo Equipment
  • US~$800 to 3,000** (estimaded cost)
  • 6 total hours of training

**Net new partner investment

Product Access
  • Cisco Telepresence PrecisionHD USB Camera
  • Cisco IP Video Phone E20, Cisco Telepresence System EX60 or EX90
  • Cisco Telepresence MX200, MX300, Profile 42-inch/ C20
  • Cisco Telepresence System Quick Set C20, SX20
  • No Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) product exceptions to other Cisco Telepresence products not listed above 
Hosted service offering (Optional)
  • Cisco Telepresence Callway (U.S. only) hosted service works with the endpoints listed above (MX300 and SX20 avilability date TBD).

Certification Requirement

  • Select Certification (Small Business Specializations) and above 
Demonstration Requirements


  • 1 physical endpoint from the "product access" list above (E20 and above)
  • Cost: US~$800 to $3,000 (depending on partner equipment selection)
Training Requirements

All trainings may be fulfilled by one person

6 Total hours (with assessments exams)

Rewards and Incentives
  • Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP), Teaming Incentive Program (TIP), and Solution Incentive Program (SIP) based on theater criteria (No Value Incentive Program [VIP] or VIP-Express/PDF)


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