Solution Platform

Solution Platform

Video users with industry-specific requirements, small teams, and users with unique applications appreciate the power and flexibility of the TelePresence Solutions Platform. The highest level of video and audio and the unique integration flexibility of its video codecs, solutions that can be devised for any type of video collaboration situation.


Industry Solutions

Using real-time video communications, decision makers across a big number of industries are making better decisions faster, people are being trained at less cost, and lives are being saved. Financial institutions, schools, medical practitioners, manufacturers, and many users in other industries are making video an essential part of their communications environment.


Clinical Presence System

Clinical Presence System

The Clinical Presence System connects clinical staff and patients, for specialist consults has never been easier.

Quality, easy to use and reliability are maximized specifically for a telemedicine environment. With flexible options, the Clinical Presence System can be customized to meet your specific requirements:

  • AC powered and rechargeable battery versions available
  • Multiple options available including
    • 802.11B/G Wireless Ethernet
    • Wide variety of storage modules designed for medical devices, laptops, PCs, keyboards, and light sources
    • Adjustable scope holders and ancillary storage pods
    • Disposable splash guard
  • Available in single or dual monitor configurations
  • 1080p capable system with PrecisionHD 12x optical zoom camera and 24" LCD monitor
  • Powered by the Codec C40
  • System pending CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 and UL 2601-1

Researched and developed with direct input from clinical healthcare professionals:

  • Height adjustable
  • Clinic-friendly
  • Flexible connections
  • Intuitive, simple to operate tactile membrane control on front panel with storage for standard TANDBERG remote control
  • Modular 

 Intern MXP

Intern MXP

Combining a set-top with an IV stand, the Intern MXP is ideal for applications that require a portable, self-contained video solution, such as healthcare, emergency response, homeland security and manufacturing. 


  • 24" 16:9 Flat screen LCD display
  • Slim mobile unit with shelf and basket for convenient connection of peripherals such as a laptop, medical imaging equipment and additional cameras
  • Choice of Edge MXP with PrecisionHD camera or Set-Top with Wave camera


  • Join up to 4 video and 3 audio sites with embedded MultiSite functionality
  • Share records or images live through one-step PC plug-in (PC Presenter) or LAN connection (PC SoftPresenter)
  • View records or images and an off-site expert or audience simultaneously with DuoVideo and H.239 Dual Stream




Experience the world in your classroom with the next generation classroom distance collaboration solution – the MediaP2. Using the MediaP2, educators leverage multiple technologies in the classroom – including bringing a video call into an electronic whiteboard session – maintaining full electronic whiteboard functionality with Synch™ Technology.

  • Connect at the touch of a button through a user-friendly interface. Share presentations and multimedia easily for a seamless classroom experience.
  • Powered by the Edge, the MediaP2 is easy to connect and use instantly turning any classroom into a multimedia collaboration studio.
  • Synch technology makes the MediaP2 work seamlessly with electronic whiteboards – allowing schools to maximize their investment and improve student learning.
  • The Media P2 has a PrecisionHD camera and built in audio amplifier and speakers for effective collaboration.


  • Join up to 4 video sites and 3 audio sites with embedded MultiSite functionality
  • View presentations and presenter simultaneously with DuoVideo and H.239 Dual Stream
  • Share images of live video, PCs, DVD/VCR, document cameras and other input devices with TANDBERG Expressway Technology






The Scholar is the ideal solution for classroom environments. Modular and flexible, the Scholar’s 10.4” touchpanel provides the instructor with full control of digital sources and the ability to instantly connect with sites anywhere in the world!

  • Designed specifically for use in classrooms, the Scholar allows schools to share teaching resources and maximize instructional time.
  • Connect at the touch of a button through a user-friendly touchpanel. Share presentations and multimedia easily for a seamless classroom experience.
  • Included ceiling mounted AudioScience microphone and instructor desktop microphone ensure clear communication in video calls.
  • Rear and front student carts and cameras allow natural communication with far end sites as well as students physically in the classroom.
  • Optional podium provides additional storage.


 Educator MXP Integrator Serie

Educator MXP Integrator Series

The Educator MXP Integrator Series can be integrated within an existing room configuration that may already have monitors and carts as well as peripheral equipment.

Educator Integrator Series 
Taking advantage of the 6000 MXP Codec, the Educator Integrator Products include:


  • Industry’s most intuitive 12" color video touch panel enables instructors to control video calls and multiple peripherals, including cameras, PCs and DVDs
  • Applications Module MXP including 6000 MXP Codec with NPP software
  • Industry leading wide angle view camera with extensive zoom, pan and tilt
  • Instructor Podium options available
  • Bandwidth: High bandwidth of up to 4Mbps on IP / 4Mbps SIP / 2Mbps H.320 / 6Mbps total multisite

Optional components include locator mats, student trackers, electronic whiteboards and assorted microphone options



  • Join up to 6 video and 5 audio sites with optional embedded MultiSite functionality
  • View presentations and presenter simultaneously with optional DuoVideo or H.239 on single or dual monitor
  • Display images from PCs, DVDs, VCRs, document cameras and other input devices
  • Expressway™ Technology




Dual TPC

Dual TPC 

Originally designed for an educational institution, the Dual TPC system combines the immersive experience of dual 60" commercial grade plasma monitors with the versatility of a mobile stand. The PrecisionHD Camera and a best-in-class, CD-quality, stereo audio system provide the ultimate video experience.


Only available in the United States & select countries.



  • Designed for the classroom, boardroom or emergency operations center
  • PrecisionHD Camera
  • Dual 60" commercial grade plasma monitors
  • Cart with 5" locking wheels
  • CD quality, stereo audio



  • Join up to 6 video and 5 audio sites with optional embedded MultiSite functionality
  • Best possible call for each MultiSite participant with rate matching and transcoding
  • Powerful live presentations through one-step PC plug-in or LAN connection
  • View presentations and presenter simultaneously with DuoVideo and H.239 Dual Stream
  • Expressway™ Technology
  • URI Dialing





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