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Cisco Telepresence


Cisco TelePresence Boardroom

Cisco TelePresence offers far more than 1-on-1 or 20-on-20 multipoint meetings. Explore the variety of experiences that Cisco TelePresence can deliver.

Cisco TelePresence Boardroom delivers the immersive Cisco TelePresence experience on a large, customisable scale.

Cisco TelePresence Active Collaboration Room

Cisco TelePresence for Broadcast

This environment allows participants to share equally and quickly. It is designed for open collaboration and problem solving, and provides whiteboards, projectors, and data sharing tools.

With this solution, newscasters in remote locations or interviewees away from the news desk can see and communicate with each other like never before.

Cisco TelePresence Classroom

Cisco TelePresence Event Controls

Transform the learning environment for everyone, everywhere in your organization or institution.

Deliver compelling live events and produce powerful experiences with a flexible and sophisticated solution designed to meet all your event needs.

Cisco TelePresence Financial Services Expert

Cisco TelePresence Extended Reach

Helps financial institutions differentiate themselves and deliver personalized service to their most valued customers.

Expand Cisco TelePresence deployments to remote locations where multimegabit bandwidth is too costly or unavailable, e.g., executive home offices or remote workplaces

Cisco TelePresence for Healthcare

Cisco TelePresence Home Office

This facilitates access to physicians and specialists from remote locations, making it easier and more convenient for clinicians to collaborate.

Allows employees to participate in immersive meetings and reach out by Cisco TelePresence from home over economical broadband connections.

Cisco TelePresence Interoperability

Cisco TelePresence Signs

Bring all your standard and high definition video conferencing users into Cisco TelePresence meetings via Cisco Unified Videoconferencing or the Cisco Media Experience Engine.

This combination of two Cisco technologies enables any single-screen Cisco TelePresence endpoint to function as digital signage.

Cisco TelePresence WebEx OneTouch


Extend the Cisco TelePresence meeting experience to Cisco WebEx users and connect with anyone, anywhere using accessible collaboration technology



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